Chino Hills High School's
The Way - Jesus Club

In John 14:6 Jesus said "I am The Way, The Truth, and The Life."


Tuesdays @ Lunch
Room # 146

This club is for followers of Jesus AND for those who are interested in learning more about Jesus and Christianity.  The vision for The Way - Jesus Club is that every young person would encounter Christ and be filled with the Spirit in a way that removes all limitations.  

We desire to create an atmosphere of blessing, belonging, and believing that lead to young people behaving in a way that honors God.  We believe that while behaving is important it is a product of abiding in Christ and being filled with His Spirit.  Because this club is on the Chino Hills High School campus we are excited to see believers gathering from multiple churches and those who are seeking having options of local churches to visit. 
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Every Friday Night "The Way Youth" meet in Brea from 6:00-7:30 pm.

451  W. Lambert Rd. Brea, CA 92821
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Delivered to you @ Jesus Club

Delivered to you @ Jesus Club

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